Flappy Bird

Are you looking to play a game to make you want to Hulk Smash and cry all in one breath? Well Flappy Bird will look to leave you or your phone in pieces. Fun, bothersome and very competitive, Flappy Bird will have you tapping with wild enthusiasm to get that wayward fowl through the Mario Brothers inspired obstacles. Without much fuss, you play the game by simply tapping your Android phone or iPhone screen to get the bird through the obstacle course. Inspired by Cheep Cheep from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros, the game took a while to rise through the app store ranks, but recently Flappy Bird became a success for Vietnam-based Gears Studios.

The Top 3 Console Games

This is a hard decision because so many good games drop throughout the year, but if you to make a choice these should definitely be on your short list. Some of these games are simply mind blowing when you have a system with one of the latest or newer generation graphics cards but don’t fret if your system isn’t the latest and greatest because with rich story telling console games take on lives of their own. They can totally engulf you like a great book or movie leaving at the edge of your seat with frantically clicking buttons or maneuvering your joystick figuring what move to make next.

Far Cry 3

By far and wide this game is critically acclaimed and rightfully so. Far Cry 3 is a splendid exhibition of superb graphics, storytelling and gunplay set against a lush tropical background that would make you seriously question if you really want just a regular vacation. Island warlords, human trafficking, open-world environment, guns and explosions make this a great ride. Plus there are a few RPG elements tossed in for good measure, but nothing too serious to weigh down game play. Far Cry 3 is a thrill ride and an adventure, as any visit to a tropical island paradise should be

The Walking Dead

If the countless accolaides were any indication the Walking Dead would win an Oscar for gaming during 2012. It is not that often a game like this comes along. Expect copycat efforts from other gaming studios and at the very least expect to see the influence of Walking Dead in other games going forward. A brilliant adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s comics the Walking Dead received the Metacritic Game of the Year Award. If you don’t have it already, make it a part of your collection. It’s undead, redefined. You’ll be pleased.


Player choice gaming sometimes takes a back seat to shoot’em ups, FPS and zombies. However, Dishonored brought awesome storytelling to the forefront of gaming this past year. Taking cues from Deus Ex and other games where your decisions ultimately affect the outcome of the game, Dishonored allows you to redeem yourself of a murder you did not commit, they best way you deem necessary. Kill them all.

Surely, something you like missed the list. These three games if they’re not in your top 3 certainly they have to be in your top 5 for the past year. If not drop you’re favorite five and we’re compare notes.

The Top Mobile Games of 2012 in 2013

It’s 2013 and already several site have created lists of the best games for 2013. Impossible I say. Instead of hoping for what’s to come and dominate let’s take a look at the popular games of 2012 that are sure things. That way you don’t waste your time or your money.

The Top 3 Mobile Games

For the past year these games dominated Apple iPhones, iPods, iPads and Androids all year round and are sure to give you continued fun if you missed out on picking any one of them up. Mobile games are easy to play and great for passing time when waiting for your ride. Mobile games are great to when you’re a parent and you need something to occupy your kids’ attention while you focus on other things.

Angry Birds – Pick your poison.

With this franchise, each version keeps topping the last so there is no telling where it will finally end up. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars surely will keep you content for enough time while you wait on your latte or the train/plane/automobile/bus/boat/hovercraft/spaceship etc.


If the iPhone was a box, this is the main title for it. Built on the Unreal Engine, Horn essentially blows most rinky-dink mobile games out of the water. In short, this is the mobile game for adventure quest, graphic-centric gamers who also have smartphones and plenty of time on their hands. If you want a quick game skip Horn, but if you love graphics and have some time to spare Horn is for you.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run carries the torch of its’ predecessor properly and moves the game forward in a manner that makes sense.  When evil is after you, you run to stay alive. In the sequel, you do even more than that. Improved graphics, simple controls and addictive game play kept this game atop many lists last year and after a few seconds of playing you’ll see why.

This completes the list of top mobile games in 2012. Certainly, there are tons of more games out there but these three games outrank all others no matter the phone you’re using. So if you don’t see a game that you have don’t worry you’re not alone because certainly other readers’ favorite games didn’t make the list either.  With mobile gaming growing as fast as it is certainly they’ll be a some great games that won’t make every list.




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